Cabarete Beach, D.R.

Cabarete Beach, facing East
Art and Beatriz Jacobson
Solana Beach, CA
2007 • 20 x 16

In 2007, my wife and I traveled to the Dominican Republic for a goddaughter’s wedding. We stayed at Cabarete Beach and walked from the eastern point (the painting with the boat and white hotel), to the western tip (the wider landscape with the houses). The scene without buildings shows a rock breakwater with shallow, still water in the foreground.

All three of these paintings have a rust-colored undercoat, and they were each painted rather quickly using my projector process. Most of the colors were mixed on the pallet and applied rapidly while the image shone and the room was dimly lit. This technique means that I can’t really tell how the colors look while they are being put on the canvas. Later, in a fully-lit studio, I added more colors, highlights, and shadows; but, still with short, quick strokes.

Cabarete Beach, facing West
2007 • 48 x 24

These are among my favorite paintings, and most of my friends particularly like the “boat” picture. One married couple, who are close friends have claimed it, until I paint something they are willing to trade for it!

Cabarete Beach breakwater
Johanna Marie McShane
Lafayette, CA
2007 • 20 x 16